WishVast Developer brainstorm

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 30 May 2011
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WishVast Developer brainstorm
Stemming from the translation of the word "Trust" in Hindi, "WishVast" is a social network that facilitates the creation of trust and transmission of information between knowledgeable participants to expand business opportunities. Utilizing mobile phones WishVast expands your opportunities by using groups that can be localized to the community. Ultimately, the goal of WishVast is to help expand current limited social and economic networks by gaining new business, simply put, market inclusion. When people meet others who can add value to the status quo, well... business is more successful. Ad Hoc Labor Scenario: In Kenya, there is approximately a 40% unemployment rate.Additionally, those people who are employed in labor jobs experience extremely high turnover rates. Searching for a job involves going through employment bureaus for placement opportunities. The typical job lasts an average of 6 months, and costs the employees 1/3 of their salary. As a result of this high turnover, many workers turn to the ad hoc labor market. However, due to limited communication lines between employees and employers it is difficult to connect the two in a timely manner.Ad hoc laborers and potential employers can now join WishVast to facilitate those connections at a much faster rate. When an employer has a job opening, he can send a message to a group of laborers near where he lives. He will specify the skills needed for the job and the compensation he is willing to pay. All interested laborers can now text the employer and allow him to check their ratings and make an informed decision on who to hire.The WishVast system provides a platform for workers to be connected with potential employers. Giving these ad hoc laborers this tool will increase their job opportunities while lowering communication costs. In time, a network of trust will be built that will be invaluable to the users future employment and economic stability. This Thursday, we will have an introductory session of WishVast and brainstorm through how to localize and maybe even improve the WishVast platform. Click here to Register for a developer brainstorm. When: Thursday June the 2nd Where: iHub Nairobi Time: 11:30am
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