The iHubber: Sprint Interactive Ltd

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 19 May 2011
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The iHubber: Sprint Interactive Ltd
In a quest to tell the stories of the people and the projects that make the iHub community what it is today, we introduced a series of blog posts last that are going to run every week. These are stories about The iHubber -The People and The Projects we see at the iHub on each passing day! This week, we talked to Gideon Thande, Susan Mwange and James Muendo easily reffered to as "The Sprint Guys" at the iHub. How does your day start and How do you get your inspiration? A daily dose of nicotine or caffeine from Petes Coffee (this has to be the best coffee in town), go though emails then we look at projects/work for the day together. Either designs or programming and project delivery. Susan Mwange does most of the designs then Gideon Thande does the coding. Occasionally, James Muendo helps in project management and client relations. We are  a small team of  creative ICT experts. We specialize in easy-to-use, top quality web sites. We don’t  bore people with the jargon, or dazzle you with buzzwords, but we deliver sites that perform spectacularly with quality services that build and strengthen our business relationship. We work with clients both large and small, and we also work with many agencies. User Experience and creativity is the basis through which we build our websites on. Our skill-set is vast. From conceptualization of a brand, Logo Design, Print of uniquely done designs and web design. How did you get into Web Design? (Susan) I've always liked design and art... but my interest for websites started when I joined university. I realized I could monetize my good hobby and hence went on to form Sprint-Interactive Systems Ltd. With the great help of my partner Gideon Thande, we have been able to come up with awesome work What are your guiding principles when you embark on a project? 1. Impress(Do a Unique Design(s)) 2. Deliver.(on time and according to said specifications) 3. Get paid.(The actual basis of work) What's the one aspect of Web design you give the highest priority to? Good user experience and creativity. If the targeted audience is not happy then why do you even develop the product in the first place. What do you wish people would understand about working in the web design industry? Fast - Cheap - Quality. You can have just two. Fast and Cheap (Bad Quality), Fast and Good Quality (won't be cheap) and Good Quality and Cheap ( Won't be fast) What do you love most about being in web design? And being at iHub? The challenge of taking a new task and somehow managing to solve it. Being at the ihub is very cool because it has immense talent. Should you have a problem in code or design there are like 10 other guys who can help out. Collaborating with people who have unique ideas and want it represented in the web space (See Money Academy) What led you to start using the iHub space? We came, we saw, we liked and we stayed. What can other designers/programmers do to take advantage of the iHub space? If you want a place that will help you succeed in your career or project then iHub is the place to be. With over 3000+ members there must be at least 10 techies, creatives and mentors who can help or guide you appropriately. Use the community and share ideas far and wide. I believe the strongest bit about the iHub, is the community and the vast skill-set that can be tapped in to.Who knows, you could make your first million from using iHub and its community! What one piece of advice would you give someone wanting to start a career in design/programming? Work hard, don’t give up and do something you are passionate about. Surround yourself with the right people and you will be amazed what thing you can achieve. Have the right organisational structures from the word go. What trends do you see being big for 2011? Kenya will pioneer in mobile technology and most technology companies will grow and in turn to help Kenya achieve vision 2030. You can read more about Sprint Interactive Ltd on theirWebsite here
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