Social media marketing beyond Facebook and Twitter

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 10 May 2011
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Social media marketing beyond Facebook and Twitter
Many Kenyan brands and personalities have embraced the internet in some form. At the Tandaa Symposium earlier this year, Japie Swanepoel, presented findings from a study carried out on companies listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange and how they promote their brand on the internet. Of the listed companies 22% are on Facebook, 17% on Twitter. Kenyan brands and personalities continue to try to understand how best they can engage with their consumers online.But to be truly innovative, brands must push the envelope and embrace the full potential of social media, beyond Facebook and Twitter. Stay ahead of the curve. Come and listen to Marvin Tumbo of Socialight Media and Japie Swanepoel of Interactive Concepts speak about the latest tools of social media that can set your brand apart and help you grow your business. The event is proudly sponsored by Captial FM. Click here to register Topics will include: HTML5: the latest version of the HTML standard offers integrated support for multimedia that allows webpages to come alive and opens up new opportunities for interaction. How can you use HTML5 on your website to engage your users? What web applications can you build around HTML5 to offer your customers greater brand engagement? Social Gaming: Many Facebook users have spent countless hours on Farmville, Mafia Wars and other social games. Zynga, the company that has created many of the top Facebook games, has lead the way in creating a culture of social gaming. With over two million Kenyans on Facebook, the opportunity for creating local games to engage Kenyans online remains untapped. Brands can also leverage on the culture of social gaming. Group buying: In less than six months, two group buying companies were started in Kenya. The concept has spread around the world like wildfire. Find out what you need to know about group buying and how the concept can impact sales for your service or product.
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