Economic Leadership Day with the US Embassy

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 17 Apr 2011
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Economic Leadership Day with the US Embassy
The Econ Section of the United States Embassy in Nairobi last Friday invited some of the iHub members to a round table discussion whenthey came to the iHub as part of their Economic Leadership Day. As a newly designated day for Economic Officers worldwide, They are encouraged to develop an activity which fits within the following tenets:
  1. Communicate,
  2. Empower,
  3. Develop the Next Generation,
  4. and Innovate.
This was an opportunity to meet with Embassy Economic officers (including the Economic Counselor and Deputy Economic Counselor) and USAID officers. Part of the discussions last Friday was the kinds of activities that each of them undertake at the Embassy (Econ activities and USAID development activities). The Embassy's goal is to deepen the relationship between Kenya and the United States, both at a government level and with individuals. They feel that the iHub and ICT/creative content are important for Kenya. They also wanted to hear about what the members thoughts are, especially as the innovators of the iHub, what kinds of projects they have been working on, what works and what doesn't work while developing projects in Kenya, where they have seen success and where they have run into frustration!
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