Gates Foundation - Grand Challenges in Global Health

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 31 Mar 2010
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Researchers from all fields who can offer fresh perspectives on global health problems are encouraged to apply for a Grand Challenges Explorations grant, which awards $100,000 to test their unique and largely untested ideas. Applications for Round 5 of the initiative are being accepted from March 25 to May 19, 2010. Grand Challenges Explorations focuses on research areas where creative, unorthodox thinking is most urgently needed. In this latest round of funding, applicants will be asked to submit proposal addressing these topic areas:
  • Create Low-Cost Cell Phone-Based Applications for Priority Global Health Conditions
  • Create New Technologies for the Health of Mothers and Newborns
  • Create New Ways to Protect Against Infectious Disease
  • Create New Technologies for Contraception
Currently, more than 260 scientists from 30 countries are working to take their innovative ideas to the next level through Grand Challenges Explorations grants. Featured below are some examples of these projects. For a complete list of all research awarded to date, visit theGrand Challenges Explorations web site.
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