Mobile Application Localization Opportunity

By John Kieti
  Published 01 Apr 2011
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A leading multinational in mobile technology requires the services of a developer or a firm in mobile application development. The multinational is urgently seeking to enter into a service provision contract for localization and language translation of mobile applications. The services required include language version localization for major African and Middle Eastern Languages. The languages may include English, Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Farsi, Wolof, Arabic, Swahili, Urdu and others. With such demand for services from global players, local mobile application development firms have an opportunity to grow their businesses beyond serving the local demand. This opportunity is also open to developers with the a business drive and the right technical competences will to start a company. The m:lab will consider allocating one of its business incubation slots for the application developer or start-up firm that will successfully take up this challenge. For more information on this opportunity, please write to us on info <at> latestWednesday 6th of April
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