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By Jessica Colaço
  Published 21 Mar 2011
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Bit Magic Forum
Bit Magic is a forum for techies to celebrate Techiness! As techies we know that it’s the technical tinkering that keeps us ticking. It’s the no-business-sense inventions of today that build tomorrow’s businesses. We all have private hacks, personal engines, hand-crafted libraries and code generators, those secrets that save us time, cheat the processor (and the boss), are fun and keep us sane. When not tinkering, we take timeto understand the behind-the-scenes technologies of our world. Bit Magic hopes to unveil and celebrate these.We are going to have our second forum hosted at the iHub. It will be a 3 hour event on Saturday,26th March starting from 2pm. There will be four 40 minute presentations. These month'spresenters are: 1. Michael Pedersen A talk titled "The European demo scene - The computer as an art platform!" Abstract: "The demo scene" is a computer subculture, particular widespread in Europe (see ). In essence it is doing "grafiti" with your computer -don't worry I am not about to become "graphical" on you guys, we are still talking about pushingBITS around inside the computer.In this talk I will give a brief introduction to the demo-scene and what it is all about, I willshow a select few demos from the last 20 years. and try to explain the hardcore concept behindthis very very geeky subculture.This is less of a talk than action - There will be 8 demos of around 5 minutes each. 2. Edmund Ochieng Edmund is working on Ushahidi's J2ME application. He is a Fedora enthusiast and previously, worked on computing clusters for computation infrastructure. His presentation will draw from his clustering background. 3. Makinde Adiegbo (Facebook, Bridge International Schools) Makinde worked in the performance team at Facebook, the team that greatly increased the downloadtime for Facebook in late 2010. The talk on this can be found online. He will present oncaching in its various forms. mainly focusing onJavascript, CSS, and other front end caching techniques (and perhaps afew backend caching techniques). 4. Ashok Hariharan Ashok works on the Open Source Bungeni Project ( which is an open-source Parliament Information System. Other projects are Africa i-Parliaments ( and Akoma Ntoso ( He will be presenting about this last project - Akoma Ntoso - which is a set of common XML standards used in parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents. He will draw from implementations they have done with with Kenya Law Reports. DONT FORGET TO REGISTER FOR THE UPCOMING FORUM. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!!
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