Fair Trade Software talk

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 17 Mar 2011
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Fair Trade Software talk
Fair Trade is an organized social movement and market-based approach whichaims to promote sustainability and help producers in developing countries;it focuses on exports from developing countries to OECD countries. To dateproducts covered by Fair Trade principles have been consumables such asfood, drink or clothing.Fair Trade Software is a new initiative getting under way in theNetherlandsand the UK.Modern software is highly modular, and the production process allows forcomponents to be written in developing countries whilst the overallend-product is designed, assembled and delivered in the OECD country.This new way of working has been enabled by two developments: -> Open Source technologies and the Open Source philosophy of Internetteams ("communities") -> increasing availability of necessary telecommunications links to andwithin developing countries. This is not charity or low cost outsourcing - it is for-profit and can beregarded as leveraged aid. The structural results will be sustainedeconomicpartnership with, and technology transfer to, entities and individuals indeveloping countries. As with the use of Open Source software, the FairTrade Software model can become part of corporate social responsibility -atrade system based on justice & fairness will be better for all. The talk will describe current status and plans and is planned to take place at the iHub on Tuesday the 22nd at 5.30 to 7pm and this session will engage Developers only. The next session will be the next morning of Wednesday the 23rd from 9am to 12pm and this session will engageEntrepreneursin general. Debatewill be encouraged. Kindly make sure you RSVP here to make sure you can attend. There are two tickets for these sessions and if you choose developer /Entrepreneur, this means you will attend the separate days and times as mentioned earlier.You can also reserve to attend both. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ About the speakers: Neil Carmichael has just retired from 25+years with Shell; most recently he wasGeneral Manager of Shell BusinessDevelopmentCentral Asia BV, coveringKazakhstan, Turkmenistan & Azerbaijan.Byeducation amathematician &petroleum engineer Neil has had extensiveexperience of new businessinitiatives in developing countries. Andy Haxby is the founder of Dutch IT services firm Competa IT BV.Andyhasparticipated in international and Open Source IT projects since 1979.Together they have created the Fair Trade Software Foundation.
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