Focus group discussion for mobile developers

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 16 Mar 2011
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Focus group discussion for mobile developers
Informal, Interpersonal networks and Innovation The relationship between informal, interpersonal networks and innovation has in various quarters been considered a significant factor for success of innovation initiatives. In East Africa’s mobile industry understanding this relationship has become an important factor especially as governments and development partners strive to understand how better to catalyse the growth of the industry in the region. On Monday 21st March 2011, at 11.00am, the iHub will host a focus group discussion among mobile application developers in Nairobi to explore the above relationships. The discussion will be facilitated by Maja Andjelkovic, a Research and Project Officer with the World Bank’s infoDev. During the session we will be attempting to critically assess the expectation that informal networks contribute to innovation success. Mobile application developers in Nairobi are invited to share their thoughts on the contribution of their existing and potential informal, interpersonal networks to their innovation success or failure through this forum. The session will run for two hours and will be followed by lunch for participants. This focus group discussion is happening a week after a similar event held at Kampala’s Hive Colab. In addition to bringing together mobile developers to critically think through the matters that affect their success, the findings and recommendations from these discussions will go a long way to inform the design of policies and programs of governments, incubator programs and other players in East Africa’s mobile ecosystem. Please dont forget to register! Click here to REGISTER!!
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