iHub, One Year Later

By Erik Hersman
  Published 11 Mar 2011
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It's hard to believe that a year ago we had a launch party in a very simple room that would one day be the iHub. Here we are, one year later, and the iHub has been operational for about 8 months. We've just topped out at 3000+ members this week, and it's no doubt that the whole Nairobi tech community is buzzing. It's also clear that we had no idea how big this was going to be. You helped us build and design the iHub layout, the logo and have defined it's use. It's success is due to how the community has owned it and made it into what it is. In a large part, the team of Jessica, Tosh, Joshua and myself only served as foundation providers, where you built the house on top. [A HUGE thank you to the team who put this video together: Ahmed Deen, Michael Kimani, Norah Kithaka, Bob Muchiri, Barbara Muriungi and David Muthami.]

By the Numbers

Let's look at some numbers, as of today:
  • There are a total of 3,036 members in the iHub community.
  • There are 1,236 Developers
  • We have 876 Creatives amongst us
  • We have 235 Green members
  • We've held 70+ events in the last 12 months, ranging from hackathons to investor pitches to product launches.
  • At least 12 companies formed off of relationships made in the space.
  • We have 4 outstanding corporate partners (Wananchi, Google, Nokia, Microsoft)
  • 3 companies found funding through investors that came through the iHub.
  • 2 funding partners who took a gamble (Omidyar Network and Hivos).
  • 1 iHub Foosball championship team. :)
In short, it's been a crazy, hectic and great year. Thank you! There are more big things around the corner too. The Pivot 25 event in June, the new m:lab incubator downstairs, a research arm, advanced programming and business training and mentorship to name just a few.

The 1 Year Anniversary Party

To celebrate this, we're putting on a big party today, March 11th. Due to size of the space, it's invite only and for Green members who have RSVP'd in time. We've got Just A Band coming in, a cool party atmosphere, food and the best cake in Nairobi. Plus, those who get to the iHub on time (and are on the list) get an iHub zawadi. Big thanks to Nokia for sponsoring the gift, Google for sponsoring the after-party drinks at Capri7, and to Microsoft, InMobi and Ushahidi for covering some of the additional costs on food, drinks, etc. While there will be many high-profile guests from Nairobi's tech scene, the focus of the party is on YOU, the iHub community.
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