Thomas Roessler from the W3C

By Erik Hersman
  Published 11 Mar 2010
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We were honored to have Thomas Roessler of the World Wide Web Consortium as one of our visitors today at the iHub. He's a past ICANN board member, and is right in the center of the push for the mobile web. He gave us a talk on how the future of the web is mobile. Take a look at his presentation (3Mb PDF download) to get a feel for the talk, though full context can better be understood when listening to him talk on the video, which we'll try to get up on this blog post soon. (3Mb PDF) He talked about device APIs too, a very cool concept, where we see APIs popping up for GPS, cameras, microphones and sensors.
  • In the past we developed special apps for each platform.
  • Now, one webapp runs on all of them.
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