iHub: Motivation

By Josiah Mugambi
  Published 29 Jan 2010
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Skunkworks was conceived with the idea of bring together Nairobi (and Kenyan) techies together and really kicked off in early 2007. From the onset we had the idea of having a central location where guys could come in and utilize fast internet, access local servers to test out their applications while bouncing off ideas with each other. The goal was to create an environment where (hopefully) cool world class products could be developed and sustained. There are many great developers around but many complain about access to bandwidth and servers. In addition to this, many business people looking for software are sometimes at a loss when it comes to tracking down good developers. The iHub will be the place to be for all these people. iHub is a realization of this, and I'm really excited about what will be happening after the March 3rd launch. It is quite an experiment, and the iHub advisors admittedly do not have all the answers to some of the questions being posed by many. However it is worth doing, and I guess learning shall be done as it evolves. There is loads of widespread support coming in for this, meaning that the local tech community has been yearning for such a space as this. However the iHub is just but a small cog in the wheel that will drive Nairobi (or will it be Malili?) towards being the Silicon Valley of Africa.
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