Nairobi Python User Group Meetup

By John Kieti
  Published 09 Mar 2011
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We’ll be running the First "Nairobi Python User Group" meetup onMonday the 14th of March at the iHub. We will start at 18:00 forcoffee and talks. Hopefully this will become a monthly event. During this meetup there will be a presentation of "Bungeni - an OpenSource parliamentary and legislative information system" which hasbeen developed on Python (See , ), and incidentally the coredevelopment team lives in Nairobi. Bungeni aims to increase the efficiency of parliamentary activitiesand make Parliaments more open and accessible to citizens. After thepresentation there will be a question /answer session. Any volunteers for future talks and lightning presentations ? I sawpretty interesting things from the last email thread on how peoplewere using Python. Remember -- anyone is welcome to make apresentation. For lightning presentations you don't need to be anexpert -- even a plea for help or advice makes a good lightningpresentation. Experts are also welcome ! Other possibilities : A pet project, a new library you’ve come across recently, a learning experience you’ve had, anything. If you have any Python-interested friends or colleagues, try to bring them along too.
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