Pivot 25

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 07 Mar 2011
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Pivot 25
Pivot25 is a one of a kindConference and Competition. Spread over two days, on the 14th and 15th of June at the Ole-SereniHotel, Pivot25 will showcase developer talent and applications from across the East African region. So why now and why the name Pivot25? Well it's quiet simple. The Continent and the region is at thecross-roads of a technology revolution. A revolution that is able to propel it and it's citizens out ofthe often seen cloudy crystal ball of poverty, corruption, wars, famine, doom and gloom. At the headof this revolution is the Mobile Phone. One does not need to look too far to see the impact that thisdevice has had on millions of lives. From Mobile Money to Farming Information, the mobile phone hasdone to Africa in a matter of a decade what other revolutions could not do in Centuries. Being at thecross-roads however is like being on a see-saw.... you can pivot up or down, and that's where we areand that's where the name came from. A competition to show case 5 categories each with 5 companiesmaking a total of 25 Companies PIVOT25 The idea came about after a Consortium of the iHub, Emobilis and the University of Nairobi won a grant, funded by Nokia, Infodev and the World Wide WebFoundation to setup the mLab (www.mlab.co.ke), a mobile laboratory that would serve as the focalpoint for mobile application development training, incubation and development. This Lab will play animportant role in the mobile development eco-system and in helping the pivot look skywards. However, with initiatives like the mLab, comes the challenge of keeping them sustainable andoperational, which is no easy task. Pivot25 will not only be THE mobile developer conference andcompetition of the year and years to come, nor will it just be a platform to showcase the mobiledevelopment talents that this region has to offer, but this event will help raise much needed fundsto keep the mLab operational and enable it to play a Pivotal role in making sure that this revolutioncontinues. What do we need? We need the support of the developer community to participate by enteringthe competition, we need the support of the entire ICTfraternity to attend the by purchasing tickets, and we need sponsors to help pull this event off. This is your event and your ecosystem. ThemLab is just a pivot to making it happen.
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