Ruby Nuby trains and funds your next local startup

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 28 Feb 2011
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Ruby Nuby trains and funds your next local startup
Help Ruby Nuby set up our community based tech and entrepreneurial training in Nairobi where we will train the next generation developers and fund companies they and you may start. 6pm, WED, March 2nd Ruby Nuby has won a grant from British Airways to see about bringing our program to Nairobi. Come learn about Ruby Nuby and how we plan to:
  • Create an environment that allows all to to succeed in a collaborative, cooperative manner.
  • Train the next generation of web developers and tech entrepreneurs in Nairobi,
  • Train disadvantaged and at-risk youths and fund their training
  • Fund startup companies and attract additional funding for your companies.
  • Economically develop the arts.
  • Change the educational system from a pay forward model where one incurs debt without a guarantee of a job to a payback model where one collaborates with and contributes to a community and is placed in a career.
  • Empower women to succeed in technology and create incentives for men to help women do so.
A 25-minute presentation Ruby Nuby and it's non-profit arm, Agile Activism, followed by a Question and Answer session. Afterwards, we will brainstorm on how we can best take advantage of the 500kg of sponsored shipping to Nairobi from New York that we have obtained. We will use this sponsorship to import the computer gear necessary to set up our program. We just need the community support to make it happen. By using VolunTourism, we will attract the world's best developers and business leaders to come guest teach/lecture in Nairobi and then they will go on Safari which will economically develop the region's tourism industry. The mission of Ruby Nuby is to provide an environment that facilitates immersive learning by a Community of Contributors(TM) who contribute, learn and succeed by collaborating, cooperating and supporting each other. We work to promote a path to success where equal access, social justice, equability, diversity and sustainability are embraced. I have 2 very recently released Ruby on Rails books and a new netbook that will be Ruby Nuby Nairobi Community owned to start a Ruby Nuby/Ruby on Rails/Tech study group here in Nairobi. When: 6pm, WED, March 2nd Where: iHubNairobi Please Click here to RSVP
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