Sanaa Republic creatives meet @iHubNairobi

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 22 Feb 2011
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Sanaa Republic creatives meet @iHubNairobi
So tonight was pretty awesome! Its amazing just how the Sanaa Republic community of creatives has grown and becoming more and more involved on each passing meetup. Tonight we met at the iHub to help design the Sanaa Republic logo and we had a good turnout. It was a great time with what seemed to be around 15 or more creatives and as always, new guys joining in the conversation! The set up was easy, with desks and creatives facing each other and the creatives scribbling their ideas of what they think the logo should look like. The first part of the meetup was was mainly to get and introduce the new guys to the concept of Sanaa republic. The drawings were superb and the guys were great! A big thank you goes to the crowd tonight and the ones from last week that have been helping put together creative materials for the iHub 1st year anniversary celebration… All of you are just plain awesome. Please follow @sanaarepublic to know about our meetups and also just to have a glimpse of what was done tonight!
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