Update on Bit Magic event

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 17 Feb 2011
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Update on Bit Magic event
Thanks to the guys who've registered for the event. We have about 50 so far and still counting. Looking forward to seeing you all. Even though the window for speaker registration is over, we look forward to an engaging participation by you, lots of criticisms and comments! We have three groups of speakers for the afternoon: Michael Pedersen Title: Template engines - and how they make it more easy to work as a team. Abstract: Once your project grows "out of your bedroom", more people become involved in working on the project. With this comes several challenges as to how to "work together". In this talk I will present a template engine (SlowTemplate) which enables php code to be completely separated from HTML in your project. Using this approach you make it extremely easy for an HTML-developer and a programmer to work together, without stepping on each other toes (and ruining code for each-other). Further more it makes it much more easy to maintain an application, i.e. redesigns can be done completely without involving the programmer. Wesley Kirinya Title: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of J2ME. Abstract: J2ME has been marketed as one of the most popular platforms to develop for mobile, but just how practical is this? In this talk, I'll take you through a personal experience with J2ME development: The Good: One of the largest platforms supported on mobile. The Bad: Great Specification, Poor Implementation. The Ugly: Performance variations, manufacturer specific extensions. At the end of the talk we hope to have an exchange of opinions on where other mobile platforms lie. Are they better off or simply on a different level? Riyaz Bachani & Michuki Mwangi Title: Kenyan Internet Revolution Each speaker has 40 minutes of talk including questions. There is a 10 minute break after each speaker. We start at 1400 EAT sharp, techie time!
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