Bit Magic

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 11 Feb 2011
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Bit Magic
Bit Magic is a forum for techies to celebrate Techiness! As techies we know that it's the technical tinkering that keeps us ticking. It's the no-business-sense inventions of today that build tomorrow's businesses. We all have private hacks, personal engines, hand-crafted libraries and code generators, those secrets that save us time, cheat the processor (and the boss), are fun and keep us sane. When not tinkering, we take time to understand the behind-the-scenes technologies of our world. Bit Magic hopes to unveil and celebrate these. This is going to be the first such forum hosted at the iHub. It will be a 2.5 hour event on the Saturday, 19th February starting at 2pm. We plan to have four 30 minute presentations. Presenters and their topics will be announced on the 16th. We are inviting techies who may want to present at the forum:
  1. The presentation may cover any area of software, networks, hardware or in-between. We would like to get a 4th suggestion from you.
  2. The topic should be presented as follows:
    • Provide technical insight that leaves the audience with a spark in their minds.
    • Explain the subject like you are doing it to 3 year olds.
    • Introduction to the topic should indicate it's technical value
If you would like to participate as a speaker or if you have a 4th suggestion of an area to cover, kindly send you email to Wesley Kirinya <[email protected]> copied to Bernard Owuor <[email protected]> and Linda Kamau <[email protected]> Remember to R.S.V.P if you would like to attend this event
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