StartUp Series Episode 1: The Hustler

By Kelvin Mbugua
  Published 27 Aug 2014
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StartUp Series Episode 1: The Hustler
  A perfect team in a startup consists of three skill sets, that is the hacker, the hustler and the designer. The hustler deals with the business aspect of the startup the hacker deals with the technical aspect while the designer deals with the user experience aspect. These different disciplines have various challenges so we decided to document the stories of the individuals involved in startups. The Startup Series is a podcast which will feature stories from interesting entrepreneurs and we get to hear their experiences who we follow on a monthly basis and hopefully you will learn a lot from them. On this first episode we sat down with Ondieki Obare the CEO of Wallenje a mobile wallet app that allows consumers to ditch their loyalty cards, accept change, pay for transactions, claim and save coupons, purchase or transfer vouchers, receive offer and promotions from their favourite merchants and manage their bill payments from one app. We got to find out his monthly challenges as the hustler of his team.  
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