The Evolution of Mobile Innovation (Infographic)

By Joseph
  Published 14 Aug 2014
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The Evolution of Mobile Innovation (Infographic)
Guest Blog By Ivan Serrano Once upon a time cell phones weighed 2.2 pounds. That was advanced back in the early 80’s, when a Macintosh was the size of a wall, and owning a cell phone was like owning a shiny new boat. The cell phone had one function: dial another person. Needless to say, a lot has changed since the 80’s. As the tech industry continues to expand, so does our accessibility, and expectations of it. It’s not even possible to own a phone that doesn’t have some additional function anymore. Nor is it possible to not own a phone, really. The evolution of the mobile phone has been nothing short of an educational experience. As phones continue to rapidly advance into mobile encyclopedias of hand-held information, information is increasingly accessible. For businesses looking to target clients – mobile marketing is the new way to go. In fact, according to recent reports, 72% of adults use social networking sites on their mobile phones to access information on companies. As the industry continues to expand, not just nationally but globally, the talk for what’s next buzzes ever louder.   MobileEvolution Information Courtesy of:   About the Author: Ivan Serrano is a web journalist and infographic wizard from Northern California. Although he covers a variety of topics, he mainly focuses on global business, social media and technology.
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