Lessons Learned: Lean Launch Pad experiences with Iain Verigin

By Scott Henry
  Published 09 Aug 2014
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Lessons Learned: Lean Launch Pad experiences with Iain Verigin
Join usTuesday August 12th 2014 at 5:30PMat iHub for a guest presentation byIain Veriginon the UBCLean LaunchPad Accelerator Program. Iain will be discussing an overview of the program, best practices and lessons learned. This is a must for any entrepreneur interested in the concept of lean startup and/or the customer development process.

What is it?

The[email protected]Accelerator Program engages participants in getting out of the building and into the market throughtalking to customers, partners and competitors and encountering the challenges and uncertainty of creating successful innovations. Participants will leave the program with an expanded skill-set that will give them the tools necessary to evaluate and translate their ideas into viable business ventures, and to train participants to understand innovation and entrepreneurship.

What’s involved?

The program includes an intensive 8-week program focused on customer identification, engagement, and business model optimization using techniques based on the Lean Launch Pad (LLP) model developed by Steve Blank at Stanford University, and a structured business-model tool, the Business Model Canvas, to quickly test market opportunities and pivot to alternative models if necessary. The LLP will be led by UBC’s Sauder School of Business and supported by key industry mentors. This is an activity-based workshop and class time will be composed of participant presentations and discussion. Each team will be matched with a mentor to help them through the process.

Iain Verigin(@iainverigin)

Iain is currently a Lean LaunchPad instructor & Entrepreneur-in-Residence with [email protected] (Entrepreneurship at UBC). In 2008, he started teaching Steve Blank's "Customer Development" in UBC's MBA Module program because he felt that it was very close to his startup experience at PMC-Sierra and Packet Engines. He thinks that It has been amazing that the idea of "Customer Development" has grown to become "Lean LaunchPad" and "Evidence-based Entrepreneurship”. Checkout some of his past presentations on "Entrepreneurship and You" or "EntrepreneurshipFundamental Skills".
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