< Job hunting for techies 101 > - How it went down

By Scott Henry
  Published 19 Jul 2014
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< Job hunting for techies 101 > - How it went down
What an evening! From the whole team at Duma Works, we thank the members of the iHub community who joined us for our event of Wednesday, “Job Hunting for Techies 101.” We had a great time discussing the most effective job hunting strategies, what interview tactics are proven to get you noticed, & debating over to suit up or not to suit up at startup interviews. Because we had so many people wanted to fully burn this job hunting knowledge into their brains, we decided to put the full presentation up on Slideshare. Check out this link for the full presentation about building an indestructible career path for yourself. Sneak peak: Untitled For everyone who missed the event, make sure to check out the slides on “<Job Hunting for Techies 101,” and remember to create a job profile on Duma Works! We have jobs. Lots and lots of jobs. SIGN UP: WhatsApp - ‘iHub’ to 0701060302 SMS -  ‘iHub’ to 22131 www.dumaworks.com   You can also follow our blog, our FB page, and ourTwitterto stay current on job hunting tricks that are guaranteed to succeed. DUMA Works for You!
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