The Art of International Business

By Joseph
  Published 11 Jul 2014
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The Art of International Business
Guest Blog By:Dave Landry jr With global economies constantly fluctuating and businesses struggling more than ever to thrive with a purely domestic presence, it’s more viable than ever to have a business presence on multiple shores. But in order to so, a business must become fundamentally multilingual, as an enterprise will never thrive if it’s not speaking the language of the local population. As anyone can imagine, developing a multilingual operation takes time, care, patience and a real understanding of the culture they will shortly be doing business with. As journalist Jodi B. Parker states in her article on Multilingual Business strategies, “the new global marketplace affords more chances for business than anything seen in history.” The infogaphic below is a close examination of what it takes to make a successful international brand out of one that started domestically. From considering ROI in untapped markets to recruiting multilingual staff and studying your demographics, this graphic will ensure you’re on the right path. multilingual02   About the Author:Dave Landry jr. is a business entrepreneur and journalist. He is currently working on expanding his American-bred business into European and Middle Eastern markets.  
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