By Joseph
  Published 09 Jul 2014
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What initially began as an interesting discussion has quickly blossomed into a series of great forums where entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and fields get to interact. Dubbed the entrepreneurship forum these stimulating discussions from various speakers are more than simple one way presentations. Having attended the last two forums hosted by Dr. Bitange Ndemo, whose genuine enthusiasm for the entrepreneurship scene and vast experience makes for some informative, lively and interactive sessions. From this last session I picked up an interesting gem of knowledge that Dr. Ndemo shared regarding an interesting question that is raised, what has the government done? A valid question in itself but Dr. Ndemo challenged us to think of, what have we done for our people? "When you went to university you're supposed to come and share that knowledge with your people it is not the government that will do that." This past session also featured other great speakers like Nathan Cooke one of the co- founders of Sanergy who talked about the interesting work that they're doing to provide sustainable sanitation in slums. Dr Gathuru Mburu of Kipya who brought in an interesting perspective for new markets that perhaps not a lot of techies have though of, the oil and gas sector that is rapidly growing in Kenya. All in all it was great way to spend a Saturday. With that in mind we're now happy to announce that the next entrepreneurs forum will be held on Saturday July 19th from10am to 1pm at the iHub,click HERE to register if you do not want to miss out on this great session being held in collaboration with Chase Bank whom we would like to thank for being great partners. In the mean time if you missed out on the last forum, no need to fret head over to our YouTube channel to watch it.
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