Calling All Game Developers, Designers, animators [Meetup]

By Mugethi Gitau
  Published 27 Jun 2014
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Calling All Game Developers, Designers, animators [Meetup]
Guest blog by Frank Tamre What an amazing 2 weeks it has been. From the Last meet Up Flying Van Persie has clocked 700+ downloads… yes you read right and it was developed in under 2hrs at the meetUp. Game Developer Community Africa-Kenya Chapter is meeting this Saturday 28th June as from 9.45am at the iHub Research, 2nd Floor iHub in what promises to be an interesting meetUp: Our Agenda for the day: 9-9.45: Arrival Program starts at 9.45am Planning Bazaar for July, August, September(Come with ideas) ​Lessons from Pivot-East 2014​, Entertainment category Game Projects Presentations: what you have been working on(Top 3 finished  game projects get a gift bag courtesy of Intel) Project Anarchy's Havok- we cracked it :D get to see a demo of how to port your game to a mobile device session by GEORGE Mobile Game Monetization 101 training Various Opportunities for gamers Networking and So much more Fun.... Please keep time as the program will start at 9.45am exactly Venue: iHub Research, 2nd Floor.   For any queries send an email to: [email protected]   Bring a friend.  
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