Nairobi JS June Meetup Review-D3JS

By Timothy Mwirabua
  Published 16 Jun 2014
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On Saturday the Nairobi JS held their monthly meetup at the iHub. The turnout included of JavaScript, Windows and MongoDB developers who had never attended a Nairobi JS meetup and were interested in seeing how D3 can be utilised to bring about rich visualizations. Some of the highlights of the meetup were: D3.JS D3 is not just another jQuery library that you simply drop into your code and sit back to crunch popcorns as you watch the magic. Early trials to create D3.JS visualizations seemed almost daunting for most of the attendees. So we spent quite a bit of time learning how to use d3.js, and afterwards we decided to test ourselves with actual data. We started with Ushahidi V3 API data but due to a few missing parameters, effective visualization was not be possible. We had one interesting guest, a very seasoned developer, Wolfgang, @wolfgang_loder who took old RGraph code that used KCPE data from Kenya Open Data ( and tried to rewrite it in D3.JS. Wolfgang’s experience baffled the rest of the attendees, being a software engineer for more than 25+ years. The one of a kind we call a Neckbeard.. (syke) :-) If you would like to learn more about d3.js, join us for the next meetup where one @Muliswilliam has volunteered to present some project he did with it. You may also get in touch with the Nairobi JS organizer, @TechyTimo, who has plenty of video tutorials on D3.JS.   JS Nairobi Website: Huzeifa, @Huzi94 is an amazing young developer from the University of Nairobi and he had been heading work on the NairobiJS website. So far he had made a lot of progress and he gave a presentation highlighting the changes he's made to it so far, during which he explained the various tools and technologies that he incorporated when developing it. Huzeifa is putting the finishing design touches to it, so if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to share them. Check it out: Members pledged to present :) The meetup has always been a platform for the more seasoned developers to share their tricks of the trade. It got boring when we ran out of fresh faces to look at. So we called upon all members to volunteer to present what they have done, what they are working on or even hurdles that they are facing. It could be any topics you are comfortable with including business knowledge and advise on industry trends or career opportunities. Most members pledged to present something in the coming months and we will be listing upcoming presentations on the website We will allocate morning hours during every meetup to this presentations. This will not only enhance members' individual presentation skills (which, by the way, all developers need), but will also be a good way to network, therefore learning about the kind of projects we're all working on. Interested in presenting? Send an email to: info [at] Introduction of weekly meetings Guy agreed to have weekly meetings on Saturday afternoons (4pm - 6pm) in addition to the monthly meetup! These meetings would serve as an avenue for members to give each other feedback on projects they're working on and get advice on what tools and technologies they can use. Venue will still be at Bishop Magua building, probably at the iHub if it is not engaged. Nairobi JS July Meetup Our monthly meetups happen every 2nd Saturday of the month. Join us on 12th July, 2014 to discuss NoSQL using Node.JS. Wolfgang, @wolfgang_loder volunteered to take us through general NoSQL with a special feature on MongoDB on 12th July. Node.JS is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable server-side and networking applications. NoSQL (or Not Only SQL) database provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data that is modelled in means other than the tabular relations used in SQL relational database model. We intend for this to be a very interactive session, and so we encourage all who are interested in attending to do a bit of research and maybe even a bit of coding prior to the meetup. Beginners are welcome too :) MongoDB July meetup Wolfgang, @wolfgang_loder is also holding a MongoDB meetup on the 4th of July, at iHub, from 6pm - 8pm. MongoDB is an open-source document database, and the leading NoSQL database. One of the projects where he's made use of MongoDB is the United Kingdom (UK) National Archives. Who can attend? Anyone who’s never heard of MongoDB and is curious about what it can accomplish, who is looking to learn a new language, or is a MongoDB developer who would like to network and share their experiences. The aim of the Nairobi JS group is to connect and empower Kenyan JavaScript developers.
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