By Jessica Colaço
  Published 17 Dec 2010
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It has been a fruitful two months since we launched the first bunch of green members and as we had promised earlier, we have reopened the application process afresh.AllWhite members are eligible to apply for Green Membership. Once you signed up, youreceivedan email to activate your account. If youhaven'tactivated then please do so to be able to apply. The second round of successful green members will be announced on the first week of January 2011. Please note that:
  • You must complete your applications with details at each stage. Please avoid One liners.
  • You must upload a true picture of yourself.
  • Make sure your application is as detailed as possible
There are limited spaces available. This application process will continue until the 31st of December 2010. Click here to apply More about the *iHub_ Membership Membership is open to those who are in the tech field – programming, design or research. Upon acceptance, one is given a special ID card that permits one entrance to the *iHub_ for free. There are three levels of membership: White These are people who wish to be part of the *iHub_ community virtually as they cannot be physically present. They will be part of the online community and members within the *iHub_ will be able to interact with them via our Membership Site. White members can apply for green membership. Green It is for anyone who meets the basic pre-requisites with additional information on projects. It is free and gives you the ability to hang out, have meetings, surf the web and work on projects with others in a great environment. Red The Red Card membership grants you a semi-permanent desk, a locker and priority on the meeting room space. Currently, we have 10 spaces available at any one time, and these Red Card seats will go for about Ksh.10, 000 per month. These Red Card seats are “semi-permanent” spaces as we want these Red Cards to be open and usable by more than the first dozen who get to them. Our plan is to set a time limit on them of 3-6 month intervals, thereby giving others access to a more permanent space at the iHub. Anyone with a green card can apply for a Red Card, but know that preferential treatment is given to people/teams who can prove concrete progress towards a specific project or product’s goals.
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