Money Management Training Part 1- African Management Initiative, June 30th.

By Mercy Deche
  Published 02 Jun 2014
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Money Management Training Part 1- African Management Initiative, June 30th.
On May 13th, AMI held part l of its first Money Management Training series at the iHub. I went in a bit speculative. You see, finance-speak has always been an obstacle to navigate for me. It's been that unit that I couldn't get away from in campus and that hound I can't seem to shake off even now. And that is exactly why the AMI training was a breath of fresh air.IMG_7238 IMG_7237
"It was very helpful and supportive. I would definitely be interested in participating in another training"
I went in expecting to come out with the usual muddle of financial statements and terms but I was pleasantly surprised. The facilitators went through the content in a very easy and engaging manner. The power-points were excellent and very professionally done. It was an all around great experience.
"If this is how my professors at University taught financial accounting, I probably would have learned so much more"
The next training will be held on June 30th, at the iHub. You ask, who should be part of this training? The African Management Initiative has developed a curriculum that is specially tailored for those who don’t have a finance background but want to have a strong grasp on the finances of their businesses and the financial decisions made. This training is not limited to start-ups. Individuals who feel that their finances need some semblance of order are invited to join in. IMG_7236 You should attend this training if you’re interested in
  • Taking your business to the next level
  • Learning how to manage money in your business and see the results on the bottom line
  • Gaining new skills to gain the respect of your employers and colleagues
  • Get a certificate from one of Africa's top business schools (including SBS)
All at a price you can afford of Kshs 4250(You will be required to pay a deposit of Kshs 1000 before the day of the training. This fee covers meals and materials), all you need is a laptop or a tablet. Join us onJune 30th at the iHub, 4th floor, Bishop Magua Centre. Sign up here if you'd like to be part of this training
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