Motorola Solutions launches new Android device for Enterprises Mobility

By Eng. Martin Obuya
  Published 15 May 2014
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Motorola Solutions launches new Android device for Enterprises Mobility
Motorola Solutions launches new Android Device for Enterprises Mobility – By Eng. Martin Obuya, iHub’s Amb. (Govt. Affairs) On May 14th 2014, Motorola Solutions Incorporation launched four new devices at Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi. The devices are designed for field service, merchandising and direct store delivery into the Kenyan market. The devices run on the most popular version of the Android operating system and will enable businesses profit from faster services to customers at the point of sale terminals. The devices will be available for small-scale as well as large corporate dealing in fast-moving consumer goods as well as the service industry in the country. “Kenya’s growing economy demands advanced solutions for improved efficiencies, increased revenues and bottom line profits in all vertical markets. Motorola Solutions see great potential in Kenya market and we are glad to expand our portfolio of solutions to support businesses and drive them forward, providing their customers with better and faster service,” said Alon Shacham, Business Development Manager SSA, Enterprise Mobility Business. The TC55 offers an advanced capacitive 4.3-inch high resolution touch screen. The touch screen is brighter both indoors and outdoors and dynamically adjusts to the environment enabling input with bare or gloved finger or a stylus – even if the screen is wet. The devices includes the new, pocket-sized TC55 touch computer which merges the features of a traditional enterprise-class mobile computer with the form factor and functionality of a smart phone device tailored for high utility work environments. “Motorola Solutions has brought together the industry’s broadest enterprise mobile computing portfolio operating on the Jelly Bean version of the Android OS. With Mx, businesses can feel confident that these Android devices are secure, manageable and enterprise-ready. Developers can also leverage and develop standard Android applications or HTML5 cross-platform applications using RhoMobile Suite 4.0. Now, businesses have more choices and can better manage rapid changes in the market by using Motorola’s tools that deliver complete solutions in less time while protecting their mobile investments,” said Claas Kuehnermann, Head of Enterprise Business Africa, Motorola Solutions. The android powered devices with added MX Enterprise customization and a tougher skin for rough work environments will retail for enterprises across the continent through Westcon Africa. The flagship Motorola TC55 looks more or less like your regular Android Smart phone. The phone also comes with added features for enterprise mobility to enhance business management in the region. The Motorola TC55 is a high power utility Android mobile device which not only carries smart phone features capabilities, but also highly custom features for enterprise use, especially in “rough” work environments like logistics, mining and any other industry that involves field work. The need for smaller, faster devices is beginning to converge enterprise devices manufacturers into the type of markets that mobile phone manufacturers operate in but with a much different value proposal. Motorola has been in the ruggedized piece of market not the commercial, white collar market and the trend is growing businesses across the globe. It carries a high capacity battery that lasts over 48 hours for long distance deliveries, a four times louder (compared to regular smart phone) dual front-facing speakers for effective communication in noisy factory environments and an 8mp camera capable of barcode scanning. Better yet, the device works in the pouring rain and the touch screen responds even when you are wearing gloves. The Motorola TC55 cost at least 30 percent more than Samsung S4 primarily because of the added enterprise apps and a perceived low replacements cost for the device working in rugged environments. “The Nairobi launch is the last of eight other road shows we have been running across Africa, the devices will be distributed by Westcon Africa which will also assign local channel partners for end user distribution locally, there are on-going lab & site testing trials by our local partners (iHub and mLab) plus the devices are currently been used the Kenya Government Agencies and several local Counties, further, we are planning RhoMobile Training sessions at Mlab and Motorola Partners Forum at iHub, next month, dates to be confirmed soon,” said James Kamweti,  Regional Account Manager, East Africa. It will be interesting to see how this will reinvigorate Motorola’s presence in the Kenya market which now is beginning to catchup with the rest of the world.
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