Rhok #2 Finale

By marie
  Published 14 Dec 2010
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The 2nd RHOK finally came to an end, after 2 days of extensive coding for the participants. The applications presented for judging were innovative.
Here is a breakdown of the winners: Individual Category went to Bahati Schyns with his Virtual assembly Point Crisis management point app. Bahati will get an opportunity to intern with the World Bank for a period of three months all costs paid :)
The next prize for Best group category went to iCollab with their NGO Collaboration space app and best group effort Went to Rhackers with their Disaster resource Allocator. Mr Francis Muraya a representative from the World Bank congratulated Bahati and also gave a word of encouragement to all the participants. He encouraged the Kenyan devs to think of long term solutions and not just solutions for one or two day competitions.
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