Project Costing: A science or pure guesswork?

By Evans Campbell
iHub Consulting
  Published 08 May 2014
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There is a story in the tech circle around how freelancers cost for projects. It is said that anytime you ask for a quote from a developer they will mull over it for a day or two and arrive at KES 80,000 as the figure. This usually applies for web work, no matter the scope of work involved. It is said to be a safe figure as it isn’t too high or too low. Is there a science to how this figure is derived? For freelancers and young software consulting houses, project costing is never a straightforward exercise. It is quite difficult to attach a cost to a project. What are the factors that you should consider? Do you look at the time and resources it will take to deliver on the project? Do you look at the value what you are building has to the client? To make matters even harder we have a very diverse market in Kenya. We have clientele that understand the value of software.They are willing to pay top dollar for good software. On the flipside we have the “my cousin can do it for ¼ of that” type of clientele. It is always a cousin, never a brother or a sister. Confused   iHub Consulting would like to help you bridge the gap between these alternate sides, with advice from established software solution providers Sprout Consulting, Mobidev and James Mwai. Sprout Consulting are a leading design and technology agency based in Nairobi that deal with digital strategy and mobile apps. They have worked with the National Youth Summit, Western Union and on the Member of Pub campaign. Mobidev consists of a team of experienced and talented developers, creating web and mobile apps for different platforms. Some of their mobile apps include AfyaImara and KaribuNairobi. James Mwai is a seasoned web and mobile developer and consultant at iHub Consulting. He is also behind AroundMe, an app on the Nokia Store for discovering businesses and services within your vicinity.   We would also like to hear your ideas through this interactive session, giving you a chance to not only listen, but also to contribute lessons you have learnt while dealing with potential clients. As such, you are cordially welcome to attend our free Project Costing meet up on Wednesday, May 14th to be held at the iHub, on the 4th Floor of Bishop Magua Centre from 06:00 - 07:30 PM and, thereafter, for a drink. Click here to sign up.
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