Rhok #2 Update

By marie
  Published 16 Dec 2010
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Its time for a lunch break for the hackers and the food looks appetizing, well and the hackers brought their appetite too earlier guys had defined problems and here are some of the problems going to be solved: 1.Sms based emergency Assistance routing:The idea here is for a Disaster Assistance Response system that would help disaster victims. In these situations regular communications are down due to the disaster, but SMS should be functioning. Such a system would allow someone to call a number in an SMS Center, report their status (whether they are OK), submit information/recommendations. The Center could also follow up. The final product would be a semi-structured list for first responders within the first 48 hours of a disaster. 2.Disaster Resource allocators:In times of disaster, there is need to allocate resources fairly to the least/needy areas. In areas where there are many schools and health centers, there is more chances that the area is more developed than other areas where there is low concentration of schools and health centers. Government and NGO’s need to allocate resources to areas that are more vulnerable than others. 3.NGO collobaration Space:The Tech Camp idea here is to generate cooperation and communication among NGOs, sharing both resources and information in a variety of sectors such as disaster response, or election monitoring, for instance. Currently these organizations lack incentives to make information available online. They all have excellent projects, but few are online. 4.virtual Assembly point:Virtual Assembly Point is Crisis Management System that will help the Emergency Response Department to know and evaluate a tragedy before they reach the location of the tragedy.from the Virtual Assembly Point, the rescue team will be able to get manifesto, sort people according to their needs, set priorities according to the ground data, pull individual records for accountability purpose and plan for and manage the available resources properly. People will be able to report their status at anytime and anywhere, and the information will be used by the Emergency Response Department to locate them and rescue them as soon as possible with minimal resources utilized. from the system also, family and friends will be able to view ones status and how they are coping up especially after the rescue 5.Data chart:Tweak the Tweet has shown some of the potential for exchanging structured information over a public network like Twitter, using the existing practice of #hashtag markup to add crisis-related message annotations, and recommending new conventional use to encode some data types near certain tags. Aleem Walji from the world bank also took the time earlier to talk about the apps for development challenged and encouraged the perticipants to apply theres upto 45000 dollars up for grabs.
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