Front-end, Frontend or Front End? - NairobiJS May Meetup

By Timothy Mwirabua
  Published 06 May 2014
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Front-end, Frontend or Front End? - NairobiJS May Meetup

This Saturday, 10th May, NairobiJS will be holding their monthly meetup at the iHub from 10:00am to 5:00 pm.


There is a common phrase in consulting that goes: “The client is always right”.

For the most part this is true because the client is usually a non-techie and an average user. And that is the group that determines whether your application becomes successful or not.

Front-end development is more than just development.Ultimately, it's about the user experience. This is perhaps the most important factor in building any web product.

"The things we think are hard are things that just don't interest them."


We will delve into different tools and practices that any front-end developer should be rabid about to create attractive and user-friendly web applications.

  • Mobile-first and responsive web designs with

  • Single page web apps

  • Smart data presentation

  • CSS3 tricks and animations and transitions

  • Tapping into HTML5 capabilities

  • Awesome JavaScript libraries that you should be crazy about

  • Making the most out of front end JavaScript front-end frameworks


Interested in presenting? Email [email protected] to present about Front End Development, User Interface or User Experience design.


Everyone is welcome including beginners to JavaScript and the discussion will be an open learning opportunity.

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