A Fortnight with Consulting

By Evans Campbell
iHub Consulting
  Published 05 May 2014
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iHub Consulting is currently privileged to be hosting Abiodun Ajibike (AJ) from Lagos, Nigeria for the next two weeks. AJ is a software developer and Chief Technology Officer with Circuit Atlantic, a logistics company that provides purchasing and shipping services for Nigerians looking to buy goods from the United States. He is also a fellow of the Centre for Technology Innovation (CTI).     Over the course of the fortnight AJ will be observing and partaking in some of iHub Consulting's projects, giving his own insights based on his experience with Circuit Atlantic and CTI. He will also participate in our various training initiatives as well, giving his perspective on various issues in technology. His stay with the team will see both parties gaining from a promising cross-cultural exchange of ideas and experiences.
From right to left: Abiodun Ajibike, Mercy Deche, Kennedy Kirui and Evans Campbell From right to left: Abiodun Ajibike, Mercy Deche, Kennedy Kirui and Evans Campbell
Outside the iHub, AJ confesses that his most thrilling experience so far has been the matatu ride home. The gentle tap on his shoulder by Kenyan conductors to ask for fare was shockingly different from the raucous one of Lagos agberos – "if you no get change, no enter this bus o!". It has definitely been a relieving difference he comments. AJ is looking forward to networking with Kenya's best minds and he believes iHub is just the place for that. So, when you see this brilliant chap sipping on his morning coffee somewhere in the Bishop Magua Centre, give him a hearty welcome and have a conversation.
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