By Abigael Wangui
  Published 04 May 2014
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OMG! I looove this app!

This website is amazing! Shopping online has never been easier!

These are some of the reactions we sometimes have when we interact with a product that brings us joy. Products that fix some of our day to day problems or makes them easier to manage be they financial; money transfer, health; booking doctor appointments online or even social like playing games etc are always a joy to interact with and they end up maximizing and satisfying a user’s experience.

Ever wondered what processes and methodologies are used to lead up to such awesome reactions? Would you be interested in knowing and learning them? If yes, come join us for training sessions at the iHub UX Lab where we shall be hosting Mira Shah a training expert from Microsoft. There will be five different training sessions, here are the topics in no particular order:

  1. Creating Research Questions that Drive Great User Experiences

Creating great user experiences starts with aligning measurable research questions to design principles and goals. This workshop will focus on crafting measurable research questions that shed light on whether your design meets experience outcome you want to achieve and will illustrate the best methods for the questions you craft.

  1. Studying Emotion: Capturing emotional response by understanding contexts and using multiple methods

Understanding emotional reactions is the first step to creating designs that inspire positive emotional responses.  Focusing on the context, using multiple methods, and finding creative ways to get people talking about their responses can be key to understanding why your design succeeds. This workshop will introduce structured formats for describing contexts and getting to the underlying reasons for your users’ emotional responses.

  1. Heuristic Evaluation Case Study:  Putting Schneiderman’s Golden Rules into Practice

This case study will illustrate how Ben Shneiderman’s “Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design” can be used to understand the success or failure of design features.  We will walk through a case study to see how use of these principles provide understanding and insight about features succeed or fail.

  1. Creating Surveys and Getting Great Results

There is more to a survey than meets the eye, and many decisions made in the design and deployment of surveys can impact the results that are returned. This hands-on workshop will introduce the pros and cons of deployment of different types of surveys, will introduce different ways to effectively pose your questions, and how to test your survey before it goes out.

  1. Data driven design: Using data to create compelling stories

After data collection is over, the real work begins. Taking the insights you have gathered and turning them into compelling stories is the foundation for great design. This workshop will focus on how to effectively structure your findings in reports and how to create compelling photo assets and information visualization to support your findings.

These will be free training sessions.

Where? UX Lab

When? 5th - 9th May

Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm



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