Believe the Hype (Master)!

By Nekesa Were
  Published 16 Apr 2014
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Believe the Hype (Master)!
At the iHub we could have given Jimmy Gitonga many nicknames. The Wall Breaker, for his ability to connect community members with each other. The Match Maker, for overseeing some of iHub’s strategic partnerships such as with Intel and Microsoft. The Racer, as one of the brains behind the awesome ma3racer mobile game. Or perhaps, The Villager, since he fondly refers to anyone who comes into contact with him as his fellow villager. Jimmy has been a member of the iHub community since its inception in 2010 and he joined the iHub team in 2012 to help set up the iHub Cluster, now the iHub Cloud. Later that year, Jimmy took over as the iHub Community Manager and eventually became the iHub Community Lead. Jimmy’s easy-going, approachable character has served to foster the concept of community, which is the backbone of the iHub. Jimmy likes to listen, even to concepts that to the rest of us seem outlandish and impossible. He has helped many community members make sense of ideas, think critically and develop viable products. This can-do attitude gave Jimmy the nickname that stuck, our Hype Master. Jimmy talks about using the scenic route to get to the iHub. He read Physics and Applied Maths at university, and went on to study electronics. After that he delved into the world of graphic design, web design, flash development and motion graphics and even had time to dabble in animation. Jimmy leaves the iHub team to re-join Ark where he is a founding member. But we’re not letting him escape completely. Jimmy will continue to serve as one of the iHub’s Ambassadors and will be involved in iHub community projects. Hype Master, we are grateful that your scenic route passed through the iHub. Your fellow villagers will miss you!
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