African Tech Bits Episode 3: Kenya The Game and the Gamers

By Joseph
  Published 14 Apr 2014
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African Tech Bits Episode 3: Kenya The Game and the Gamers
Here are a couple of statistics that may leave your mouth wide open and have you rethinking your career path. The video game Grand Theft Auto Five that was released last year grossed $815.7 million in the first 24 hours of its release and went on to reach the 1 billion dollar mark after just 3 days. Let's let that marinate for a second. Apart from obviously being the fasted grossing video game in history GTA 5 also marked a new chapter in the history of video games. The game according to the Guinness world recordsis officially also the fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion in addition to being the highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours.Long thought of as the younger, smaller sibling to other entertainment industries such as film & music. Well... let's just say he went away to boarding school and came back 4 times the size you remember.Clearly the era of video games has arrived and it's slicing and dicing other entertainment industries with no mercy. Now moving away from the international scene and shift our focus to the local gaming industry here in Kenya and Africa as a whole. While game developers & gamer's around the world celebrate a milestone, local developers here are not slouching either and are itching to take a bite of the $93 billion world wide gaming industry. Despite the fact that the industry is relatively young it's great to note that they are ready to compete with their international counterparts. As Wesley Kirinya founder of Leti Arts notes,"You cannot get away with an excuse such as its made in Africa, so it can be a bit rough. It has to be as good as any other." Which brings us to this episode of African Tech bits where we're delving into the business of games & gaming in Kenya plus we meet some the talented people working to build Kenya's gaming industry.  
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