By Mark Kamau
  Published 07 Apr 2014
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The open society foundation in conjunction with the iHub user experience lab will be conducting a year-long human centered design fellowship at the iHub UX lab. The aim of the fellowship is to work with local organizations to come up with innovative ways improving their work using a human centered design approach.

What is Human Centered Design?

Put simply, human centered design is a process of developing solutions by genuinely engaging people these solutions will affect. This implies spending time with the target audience to understand their context, the challenges they face and then together developing viable solutions for these challenges. Don’t worry, the HCD process will be taught to successful applicants; first things first, let’s see if this is something for you ☺

What will the work involve?

The work will involve spending time with 2 local organizations to understand their work, their target audience and challenges they face serving them. This information will then be used together with the organizations to develop solutions for the challenges they face. The aim at the end of the day is to leave these organizations and their clients working better with each other as a result of your work.

Do you need to be a designer to apply?

Not necessarily. All you need is to be open minded, demonstrate some experience working with other people to successfully deliver projects.

Who can apply?

Are you open minded and looking to work on real solutions for local challenges? Are you motivated, good communicator and ready to learn new ways of developing solutions together with local organizations? Do you want to spend the rest of the year working in a fast moving, innovative environment? If these attributes describe you, then you should probably take a look at the requirements and apply by 14th April 2014. For more information, please contact mark[at]ihub.co.ke
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