Nendo 2014/2015 Social Media Trend Report Launch

By Mugethi Gitau
  Published 14 Mar 2014
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Nendo 2014/2015 Social Media Trend Report Launch
WEDNESDAY 19 MARCH, 2014 *IHUB_, 4TH FLOOR, BISHOP MAGUA CENTRE 8:00AM - 10:00AM MARK KAIGWAlaunched Nendo Ventures - a strategy & storytelling consultancy through the 2014-2014 Nendo Social Media Trend Report in partnership withODANGA MADUNGandSAMER AHMEDof Odipo Dev. During this event, wewillpresent the defining list of trends across digital and social media with predictions for 2014/2015. These are backed by thorough statistics, research & observation based on the significant digital happenings of the past year in 2013. We look forward to presenting this report to you and hope you will join us for highly informative event.   To attend kindly sign up here by End of DayMonday 17/03/2014
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