How We Hire

By Nekesa Were
  Published 11 Mar 2014
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How We Hire
How does an organisation decide whether or not to hire more personnel? On one hand, you want to limit hiring to what is absolutely necessary. But on the other hand, you do not want your current team to be short handed and consequently get overworked. The iHub team has grown tremendously over the past couple of years. Since 2010 when Erik, Jessica and Tosh kicked everything off, initiatives have been birthed and more leaders have been raised. The iHub currently has close to 20 full time staff as well as dozens of consultants and interns. New employees are expensive but for us the decision to hire more team members has always boiled down to one question: Will the new hire benefit our community? iHub initiatives are implemented and events are hosted with our community in mind. We work to provide services and facilitate forums, which benefit the community and so it is only natural that if we were to hire, we would ensure that the new resource was someone who would ultimately make us more effective in meeting our community’s needs. The iHub is a leader. We are Nairobi’s nerve centre for tech and innovation. The iHub is also a founding member of Afrilabs, Africa’s tech hub collective. We have a leadership role across the continent. We thrive on collaboration amongst members of our community and we challenge the community to use its passion for tech to come up with quality products. This forms the basis of our community; this forms our values. The tech community steers the iHub. We ask a lot of the tech community and therefore have a duty to give back to it. The community is at the core of the iHub and so we want to learn from the community and adapt to its needs thereby building an ecosystem around the Kenyan techpreneur. It is for this reason that we consider all iHub positions to be high impact positions which all need an equal dose of iHub values. So once a human resource gap has been identified, we draw up the ideal person for the job based on job purpose, outputs and required skills. Personality, general intelligence and interests also come into play because it takes a special kind of person to truly provide the support that our community needs. The iHub team member is a fun, open, experimental person unafraid to try and fail then try again. He or she is warm, welcoming, and passionately embraces challenges. He or she works to get the job done. We don't work to clock out at 5pm. Before a final decision is made, all potential hires must meet with a least three of the iHub team members who they would work with if they joined the team. This gives them an idea of what it would be like to be part of the team and to understand even better how they fit into the structure of things. So how do we hire? We find out what the community needs and then find the perfect person for the job. Keep checking our jobs board for job opportunities at the iHub.
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