NairobiJS March Meetup - Playing with AngularJS.

By Mugethi Gitau
  Published 06 Mar 2014
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JavaScript is the Undisputed King of web development languages.The use of Javascript and its various libraries and frameworks is responsible for the major leap in web development standards. Who said there is HTML5 without JavaScript?   So the engineers at NairobiJS will be holding their monthly meet up at the iHub this upcoming Saturday(8th March 2014). This is an icing to the accumulation of the weekly Tuesday meetups they hold at Nairobi Dev School. The event shall run from 10:00am to 5:00 pm.   The event organizers Timothy Mwirabua(TechyTimo) and Connor Leech(@connorleech) intend to discuss AngularJS and lead the attendees in installing the requirements for the framework.   Agenda
  • An introduction on how to use AngularJS
  • A deep dive session on installing AngularJS and how to set it up
  • A UX session to narrow down concepts and principles
  • A discussion on bower and node.
  • Developing prototypes which will be representative of local trends but still be able to gain appeal in global markets.
  Guest speakers 1. Africa‚Äôs Talking - How to use NodeJS to send SMS using their API. 2. Firebase - Firebase is a real-time data store and makes for the perfect complement as a backend to AngularJS. For more info visit   Interested in presenting? Email [email protected] to present about Angular JS Sponsors Firebase shall be buying refreshments for the event. Interested in attending? Everyone is welcome including newbies to Javascript as the discussion will be an open learning opportunity beginning from scratch
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