Creatives Meetup at the *iHub_

By Jessica Cola├žo
  Published 30 Nov 2010
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Creatives Meetup at the *iHub_
Earlier this Month, we met and had our very first creative meet-up brainstorm. This meet-up attracted a good number of creatives living around Nairobi. After quick introductions, we dove into the main agenda that was, if creatives could welcome the idea of a Monthly Creative Meet-up thenthe group tried to identify some of the activities that we would have during these meet-ups and possibly even, activities outside these Main Monthly meet-ups. This Friday the 3rd marks our very first official Creatives Meet-up to be held at the *iHub_.We plan to first of all, introducing the idea to the new creatives, talk about the purpose of the meet-up, expound and develop more on objectives for the Meet-up. The primary objective is to bring together the creatives in town under one roof. We see this group as a synergistic entity that will help all of us with information on the latest creative ideas, software, technology and other issues. We would like to see the group become the catalyst to organize creative talent but it will be impossible to do it alone so we need to band together, first, because creatives are different people. We see the world in shapes, colors and how it touches our emotions and so we need to get together and relate to people that see the world as we do. Second, things are constantly changing in our industry and we need to stay abreast of it. So if you are interested, Join us this Friday at 5.30 and get to meet the other creatives around town. The meetup is open to everyone but to be able to keep intouch for any upcoming events/sessions, please sign up your email address using this FORM so we can have your contacts.
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