ICT opportunities in the health sector by I-TECH Kenya @ Nairobi Research Buzz

By Ndiga
  Published 28 Feb 2014
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I-Tech Kenya in collaboration with *iHub_Research would like to invite you to this Month’s Nairobi Research Buzz to be held on Thursday 6th March 2013 at the *iHub from 5:30PM. Kenya’s Ministry of  Health, with support from local and global partners, are working to strengthen the national health system and meet key health challenges, including a high prevalence of HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. Together, they are reigniting progress toward health goals, including the Millennium Development Goals. As part of these efforts, the Ministry has made nationwide implementation of organized, sustainable, and synchronized electronic medical information systems a priority. Since 2005, I-TECH has drawn on expertise from the University of Washington and the University of California, San Francisco, to support this work. As a key member of the Kenya Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System Technical Working Group, I-TECH works to implement and standardize the EMR systems used in the management of national HIV and AIDS care and treatment data. I-TECH Kenya continues to work closely with local partners to develop and implement programs that can be successfully transitioned to local ownership, ensuring sustainable progress toward Kenya’s long-term health goals. In 2012, fifteen new I-TECH-supported “model” EMR sites demonstrated standardized implementation, generated best practices, and provided detailed information on the costs and efficiency of using EMR systems. Based on lessons from these sites and previous experience, I-TECH plans to implement EMR systems in 300 health facilities throughout Kenya—one of the largest EMR roll outs in Africa. In addition to these efforts, I-TECH Kenya will provide technical assistance for the development and implementation of a national gender-based violence database. As I-TECH aims to standardize electronic health information systems, provide technical assistance for the creation of systems, develop and implement customized EMR systems in 300 health facilities among others; they would like to present interesting opportunities for developers, implementers, community managers and trainers alike. Kindly RSVP here to attend.
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