Nairobi JS February Meetup Review

By Mugethi Gitau
  Published 20 Feb 2014
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Nairobi JS February Meetup Review
Guest post by Timothy Mwirabua   On Saturday, the 15th of February, the Nairobi JavaScript User-group held their monthly meetup, a checkpoint flag in the series of monthly meet-ups in the user-group’s calendar. This month’s meetup was held at the iHub UX lab, and was attended by JavaScript fledgling enthusiasts, largely from the Nairobi Developer School (NDS) and the AkiraChix workshop as well as JavaScript heavyweights, Connor Leech (@cleechtech), Brian Birir (@brianbirir), Charles Kagiri (@charleskagiri), and organized by Timothy Mwirabua (@TechyTimo). They talked about the importance of Github repositories to web developers, as it is vital in tracking changes to one’s code, and even more importantly, to manage teams working on a single project, where developers can work on different aspects or features of the same code. Nairobi JS website was the next context of discussion, seeing as it is still under development, and the members in attendance were invited to contribute their opinions on what should be added to the website. What was even more exciting, especially to the developers-in-training, was that it did not end with just contribution of opinions as each member was taken through the motions of cloning the site’s code from its Github repository ( to their computers, and actually making changes to the site, and watching their individual changes go live on the site. Nairobi JS also did a small video to say hi to friends at Berlin JS: Nairobi JS will be holding meetups once every second Saturday of the month at iHub Nairobi from 9am-5pm, and weekly on Tuesdays at the Nairobi Developer School (Diamond Place, behind the Bishop Magua Building) from 5:30-630pm. All JS enthusiasts are welcome to the group. The aim of the group is to connect and empower Kenyan JS developers. You can join here:!forum/nairobi-js
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