Time is Ripe for Kenyan Android Developers

By Jimmy Gitonga
  Published 03 Feb 2014
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Time is Ripe for Kenyan Android Developers
Guest Blog by Erick Wasambo, Kenya Android Developer Group Lead A lot has been said about Kenya being a tech-destination, especially on mobile. One of them being TEDxVienna talk by Alexander Oswald where he concludes by saying that if the rest of the world is not careful, they will be coming to Kenya in future for consultations. My questions are, where are these hard-working and experienced developers? And if they are there, will you be amongst the people to be consulted? And if so What remarkable thing would you have done to fit to shoe? Smartphone mobile penetration rate in Kenya is at it's high with over 100,000 smartphones sales monthly. Our Kenyan developers need to work much harder and smarter than they have done in the past. When I say smarter, I mean we need to improve our software development methodologies and also meet international standard of mobile software development. We also need to be more collaborative and see ourselves as Team Kenya competing the world. To my knowledge, no Kenyan mobile developer specifically Android developers have fully understood and broken the local market let alone Google Play which now experiences ever increasing billions of downloads of apps. Here is a look at what has been happening - Android Download Projections Infographic. Our Android Developers are facing a myriad of challenges. I recently uploaded one of my long-terms apps into Google play and was surprised by the Analytics I got after a few weeks. Approximately 80.3% of the people who downloaded my app were using Android version 4.03-4.3, 5.13% of them already had KitKat! 15.63% had Android 2.1- 2.3.7, 0.55% had Version 3.1 -3.2. This shows that our local users are demanding a lot from us and time for writing and building non-sleek, and non-standard conforming apps is OVER! We can no longer manage building great apps from our own closets and private offices, each of us have a thing or two that they know and would be good to share amongst us. That is why Android Developer Group Nairobi was formed. With the support of the iHub Nairobi and partners like Google, Intel and Samsung, We (Android Developers) will be meeting at Bishop Magua Building on every first Saturday of every month to discuss and polish on some of these issues with our first meet up being on this Saturday, 8th February 2014 from 1.30pm to 4.30pm. This one will be at the iHub UX Lab on Ground Floor. The following is how our monthly meet up programme will look like:
  • Current Affairs/Android News/Blogs
  • Coding Session(The Day's Topics)
  • Mobile Apps Clinic
  • Monthly International Apps Review
  • International Android Conferences Reviews
Evidently, there is a lot to be covered. So karibuini to the community. Please remember to join our Google plus page here . Come and let's grow together. See you on Saturday. About the writer: Erick Wasambo is a passionate and experienced android developer. He is the current champion/lead for the Android Developer Group Nairobi. Find him on twitter @omondiwasambo.
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