Digital Security Academy: Applications Open

By Joseph
  Published 22 Jan 2014
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Digital Security Academy: Applications Open
Strathmore-​Softlock Digital Secur­ity Courses @iLabAfrica Africa has partnered with Soft­lock, the lead­ing Digital Secur­ity com­pany to offer courses in Digital Secur­ity. The Courses will be offered in Strath­more Uni­ver­sity at the new Digital Secur­ity Academy in @iLabAfrica. The courses provided hands-​on IT secur­ity skills to various stakeholders in theITindustry.   Mode of Delivery · Full-​time · In-​House (Offered to cor­por­ates on request) Who should attend? The Strathmore-​Softlock Digital Secur­ity Courses are inten­ded for busi­ness exec­ut­ives, IT secur­ity pro­fes­sion­als, IT tech­ni­cians and Soft­ware developers. Why take the Courses at Strathmore? iLabA­frica is a cen­ter of Excel­lence in IT secur­ity in Strath­more Uni­ver­sity. Our Digital Secur­ity Course are offered in col­lab­or­a­tion with Soft­lock, a world leader in digital secur­ity. We have courses cus­tom­ized for vari­ous stake-​holders in the IT industry. Start Date 3rdFebruary2014 Cost and Duration ITSecurity Executive Track (1day):KES.30,000

This course equips top Busi­ness Exec­ut­ives with in-​depth under­stand­ing of IT Secur­ity threats and the asso­ci­ated risks that face their organ­isa­tions as well as the meth­ods and tools for mit­ig­at­ing them. It is primar­ily dir­ec­ted to Com­pany Dir­ect­ors, top Exec­ut­ives and Senior Managers who are tasked with the strategic management ofITsystems and procedures.

ITSecurity Business Track (1day):KES.18,000

This course providesITSecurity awareness to administrators who need to know how to manageITrisks in their organisations. The course targets Middle level Managers, Heads of Departments and Sections,ICTManagers, Information Security Officers, Business Continuity Managers, and other staff tasked with implementation and management ofITsystems and procedures.

ITSpecialist Track (4days):KES.50,000

This track introduces various security solutions that can inform the decisions made by Security specialists. It is designed forITstaff who is involved inITSecurity Management. The course seeks to ensure that Security specialists can make informed decisions that will improve their organisation’s security.

The training will cover the following topics:Digital Security Solutions.

  1. Secure Authentication and Digital Signatures.
  2. Software and Data Protection.
  3. System Protection.
ITTechnical Track (7days):KShs.80,000

This course trains IT pro­fes­sion­als to imple­ment optimal secur­ity of their inform­a­tion assets. It fol­lows a hands-​on approach with sev­enty per cent prac­tical work and thirty per cent case study analysis.

The training willcover:Introduction to Secure Authentication and Digital Signatures.

  1. Digital Signature Background: Overview, Cryptography, Symmetric Encryption, Hashing, Asymmetric Encryption, Certificates, Certificate Authorities.
  2. Softlock Smart Token: Features and Applications.
  3. Certificate Issuing with User Tool, Simple Authority, Web Certificate Authorities and Microsoft Certificate Authority.
  4. Securing eMail with Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird eMail Clients.
  5. Securing documents with Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office.
  6. Securing Network communication.
  7. Securing Web communication.
  8. SecuringVPNcommunication.
ITSoftware Developer Track (10days):KShs.120,000

This track targets software developers with the aim of equipping them with the skills necessary to design, implement and deploy secure systems and applications. The highly practical code development approach will be irreplaceable to developers and programmers who target building secure implementations.

The following topics will be covered:Digital Signature Background: Overview, Cryptography, Symmetric Encryption, Hashing, Asymmetric Encryption, Certificates and Certificate Authorities.Structure Interfaces:PKCSInterface,CDPInterface,SDKInterface, Devel­op­ing soft­ware applic­a­tions with C /​Java /​C# /​VB /​JavaS­cript /​VBScript /​Oracle /​Power Builder, Device Man­age­ment, User Man­age­ment, Ses­sion Man­age­ment, Object Man­age­ment, Cryp­to­graphic Oper­a­tions, Key Man­age­ment and Cer­ti­ficate Management.

  1. Developing Secure Communication Software using theSDKInterface andC#.
  2. Understanding Standard Interfaces (PKCSInterface and
  3. Developing with different programming languages (2Languages beside C#).
  4. Using C++ withSDK,CSPandPKCS.
  5. Using C# withSDKandCSP.
  6. UsingVBwithSDKandCSP.
  7. Using Java with SDK/​JNI and PKCS.
  8. Using Oracle with SDK/​PLL.
  9. Using Power Builder with SDK/​PBDLL.
  10. Using Web Scripts with SDK/​SV.
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