Digital Matatus @ iHub

By Mugethi Gitau
  Published 20 Jan 2014
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Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 4-6pm at the iHub (4th Floor)
For the past year, a team from University of Nairobi, MIT, Columbia University, and Groupshot have been working to collect and share data on Nairobi's Matatu system. The result is a new, public, data-set covering over 100 routes in and around Nairobi. Built on the global GTFS data standards, this data set is the most comprehensive open-data set for public transit and matatus in Kenya.
The digital Matatus team will be at the iHub to introduce this new data-set to the community, answer questions, and help brainstorm ideas, apps, and projects to use and support the data. They will also be sharing more information about the upcoming Hackathon at the University of Nairobi, startingFriday, January 24th.
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See you then!
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