Affordable business management training at the iHub - February 11th

By Mercy Deche
iHub Consulting
  Published 15 Jan 2014
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The journalist Jonah Lehrer wrote a book on how innovation happens titled Imagine: How Creativity Works. In the book, which was mildly controversial, he says, “The only way to maximize group creativity—to make the whole more than the sum of its parts—is to encourage a candid discussion of mistakes. In part, this is because the acceptance of error reduces cost. When you believe your flaws will be quickly corrected by the group, you're less worried about perfecting your contribution, which leads to a more candid conversation. We can only get it right when we talk about what we got wrong.” ― Jonah Lehrer, Imagine: How Creativity Works ami The African Management Initiative learning labs are the embodiment of Jonah Lehrer’s observation. The learning labs are tailored around conversations on how you got it wrong and how you can do it better. Correction is accepted, even expected and celebrated. The African Management Initiative, after extensive research realized there existed a huge skills gap in management in Africa. At the same time, management courses were too expensive for the average African. The result is scores of managers who recognized there was a problem but at the same time had no power to remedy the situation. At around the same time, the age of massive open online courses (MOOC) arrived. Finally, it seemed, management education would be available for everyone. However, as anyone who has ever taken a MOOC will tell you, starting is very easy, finishing is a very, very, hard task. Most MOOC providers acknowledge that about 90% of students who begin drop out. AMI, through their learning labs have harnessed the opportunity provided by MOOCs and collaborative learning to come up with a new model of learning. AMI Learning Lab participants work through video-based lessons with support from an expert facilitator. They do short interactive quizzes and break into small groups to work on practical exercises. The course is practical, fun, innovative and top quality. Successful candidates are awarded a personalized AMI Certificate of Completion. The one-day workshop is called ’Launchpad: [email protected] in 21st Century Africa’, and aims to help managers and entrepreneurs become more effective at work. It covers topics like communication, time management, setting goals and influencing other people. A facilitated session will be held on Tuesday 11th February 2014 at the iHub from 9.00am to 4.30pm.There will be a subsidized fee of sh. 4,250 per person (Ksh. 1000 down payment before the day of training and the remainder on the material date) covering training, snacks and lunch. You will need to bring a laptop and set of earphones with you. Sign up HERE to be part of this training. Slots will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis. The class will have a maximum of 20 participants, and extra participants will be trained on a later date to be communicated. Contact: [email protected] for any queries.  
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