Certified Ethical Hacker

By Joseph
  Published 12 Jan 2014
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Certified Ethical Hacker
Certified Ethical Hackeris a pro­fes­sional cer­ti­fic­a­tion offered by the EC-​Council (Inter­na­tional Coun­cil of E-​Commerce Consultants). The course exposes learners to stand­ard hack­ing prac­tices with the aim of giv­ing them hands-​on-​experience on identi­fy­ing, coun­ter­act­ing and pre­venting these attacks. Upon completion of the certification examination, learners become Certified Ethical Hackers.     Who should AttendCEHTraining? CEH train­ing is for IT pro­fes­sion­als and stu­dents who want to become Cer­ti­fied experts in eth­ical hack­ing. It is ideal for indi­vidu­als who want to gain hands-​on-​experience on identi­fy­ing, coun­ter­act­ing and pre­vent­ing IT Secur­ity attacks. Duration 60Hours (Three Weeks) — Evening Classes (Spe­cial arrange­ments can be made to offer the course to cor­por­ates in the form of an intense boot camp) WhyCEHat Strathmore? @iLabAfrica — Strath­more Uni­ver­sity, is a cen­ter for Excel­lence in IT Secur­ity. We have partnered with the best of Industry in IT Secur­ity, to ensure you get industry stand­ard skills and training. Learners will be exposed to an entirely dif­fer­ent way of achiev­ing optimal information security posture in their organisations. With this training, they will scan, hack and secure their own systems on avirtual environment. Certification Following the training, learners will be able to take the certification exam in Strathmore University and receive the internationally recognised certificationCertified Ethical Hacker. Start Date 24thFebruary2014 Cost Strathmore Students:KShs.30,000 Professionals:KShs.100,000/-   Click here to register and for more information.  
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