Nairobi JS Inaugural Workshop

By Mugethi Gitau
  Published 17 Dec 2013
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Nairobi JS Inaugural Workshop
On Saturday the 14th, the Nairobi JavaScript Usergroup held their first workshop at the iHub. Around 20 JavaScript enthusiasts showed up for the meetup, many of them being young ladies particularly from the AkiraChix workshop. Timothy Mwirabua AKA @techytimo organised and led the event.   He did a demo of the code behind - a web portal that he is building to empower developers from the rural areas and the outskirts of the tech centres to connect and build stronger tech communities. He showed how easy it will be for any one from any county in Kenya to create a usergroup like Nairobi JS and organise events so as to make it lively. This may impact the future of tech communities not just in Kenya but the rest of the world. It will also be a huge step in towards the achievement of the Vision 2030 goals. is built on BackBone JS and Leaflet JS. The front end frameworks pull data from a server-side API that is built on the Laravel PHP framework. It is still a work in progress that @techytimo promised to launch by January. He shared the code with the eager learners.   Nairobi JS will be holding a usergroup meetup once every last Saturday of the month as from 2014. All front-end developers and enthusiasts are welcome to join the discussion.   The aim of the group is to connect and empower JavaScript and front-end developers and to help them build their capacity.   One can join here:!forum/nairobi-js
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